10 Healthy Foods to Control Diabetes

10 Healthy Foods to Control Diabetes

Diabetes cases are on the rise. Healthy lifestyle changes can control diabetes. Certain foods that are packed with fiber, omega-3s, calcium and vitamin D can help you. Try these foods to get relief from diabetes.

Top foods to control diabetes

  1. Beans: They contain soluble fiber and lean proteins. Beans help in burning body fat, they lower the cholesterol levels and stabilize blood-sugar levels. Hence go for beans!
  2. Oats: They are high in soluble fiber which slows down the absorption process in the stomach. This will in turn keep the blood-sugar levels in control.
  3. Tuna: An 85 g of tuna contains 1,300 mg of omega-3s and vitamin D. But tuna has mercury hence limit your intake to 340 gm a week.
  4. Yoghurt: Low-fat yoghurt contains high-quality carbohydrates and proteins, both are best to control blood sugar levels. Research shows that 1,200 mg of calcium and more than 800 IU of vitamin D a day cuts down the risk of diabetes by 33%. If possible opt for Greek yoghurt since it contains more proteins than regular non-fat yoghurt.
  5. Dates: Dates have a sweet taste and delightful texture, which makes them a great snack. Seven dates contain 4 gm of fiber; hence they are perfect for controlling diabetes.
  6. Spinach: It is low in calories and has low-impact on blood sugar. Hence spinach is great for controlling diabetes.
  7. Wild salmon: It is packed with omega-3s and it contains healthy fats and proteins. Consumption of wild salmon will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates which will in turn control the blood sugar levels.
  8. Egg whites: They are loaded with high-quality proteins and are low in carbohydrates. One large egg white consists of 16 calories and 4 gm of high-quality proteins. Hence they are ideal for controlling blood sugar levels.
  9. Avocados: They are packed with monosaturated fats which are great to control blood sugar levels.
  10. Flaxseeds: They contain omega-3s which lowers the cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

If you suffer from diabetes, include the above foods in your diet. You will realise a decrease in the blood sugar levels. For more information, consult a diabetologist online at eVaidya now!


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