12 Early Symptoms of Cancer you Should not Ignore!

12 Early Symptoms of Cancer you Should not Ignore!

Is a wart, mole or freckle changing its shape or colour? Do you have a lump in your breast? You might be showing  many cancer symptoms of which you are unaware! Cancer can lead to death! Cancer can be cured when you know the initial signs of cancer. What are the initial signs of cancer? Read on…

Cancer is a dangerous disease. Some types of cancers can even spread to other parts of body. However, cancer can be treated if it is found in the early stages.

You know what?
Around 20,000 people die of cancer daily! For all the smokers out there! This is for you! Around 22% of cancer cases can be prevented by avoiding tobacco and alcohol.

What is cancer?

Cancer is a state in which the cells become abnormal and multiply.
When you know the early signs of cancer you can become alert and you can rush to a doctor.

What are the early signs of cancer?

Cancer can be detected in the early stages with the help of the following symptoms:

  1. Sores that do not heal quickly: If sores are taking more time to heal than usual, it might indicate skin cancer. Mouth sores in people which don’t heal after a long time can indicate oral cancer. If the mouth sores persist in people who smoke, chew tobacco or consume alcohol, they should rush to a doctor immediately. Also sores on penis or vagina might be a sign of cancer.
  2. Unusual bleeding or discharge: Abnormal vaginal bleeding can indicate cervix cancer. An early sign of lung cancer is coughing up blood. Colon or rectal cancer can be predicted when people find blood in their stool. Blood in urine could indicate bladder or kidney cancer. Blood from nipple can mean breast cancer.
  3. Unexplained weight loss: An unexplained weight loss could mean lung, stomach, pancreatic or oesophageal cancer.
  4. Fatigue: Extreme tiredness could indicate leukemia.
  5. Skin changes: The changes in the skin could mean skin cancer.
  6. Changes in the bowel movements: People suffering from constipation, diarrhea can be in their initial stages of colon cancer. People suffering from blood in urine, pain while passing urine can have bladder or prostate cancer.
  7. White patches inside the mouth: People who smoke or use tobacco and have white patches in their mouth can be developing leukoplakia which could result in mouth cancer.
  8. Lumps in the body:  Lump on a breast can indicate breast cancer. Lumps on the testicle, lymph nodes can indicate cancer. If you notice red or thickened skin on your breast, you might be having breast cancer.
  9. Cough or hoarseness: A cough that stays for a long period of time could indicate lung cancer. Hoarseness in voice can indicate thyroid or larynx cancer.
  10. Change in moles or warts: Any changes in a mole, wart or freckle could indicate skin cancer.
  11. Indigestion or trouble in swallowing: Indigestion or troubled swallowing could indicate oesophageal, stomach or pharynx cancer.
  12. Pain: A headache that doesn’t get cured with medicine could indicate brain tumor. Back pain can indicate a colon, rectum or ovary cancer.

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