5 Mental Health Hacks to Naturally Lower Stress

Stress has become the major problem among every age group. Stress is caused due to various problems from emotional to physical activities and it is best to identify the cause of stress so that we can deal with it in a better way. Stress is defined as the body’s way of reacting to any kind of good or bad demands. Due to stress, the human body releases chemicals into the blood which giving more energy and strength and this will help in case of physical activity but if the stress is due to emotional activity then there is no outlet for the extra energy which will be a bad experience for health.


Types of stress:

Stress is classified into three different types – chronic stress, acute stress, and episodic acute stress.

  1. Chronic stress: Stress caused by emotions and stays for a prolonged period. The final stage of stress which damages the human body severely causing cancer, heart disease, and lung diseases.
  2. Acute stress: Most common form of stress which is caused by an immediate reaction to new and challenging experiences.
  3. Episodic Acute Stress: Caused due to the frequent occurrence of acute stress. People of this type are mostly short-tempered, anxious and irritable.

Causes of Stress:

There are many causes of stress and every individual has different triggers for stress. Most common causes of stress are stated below.

  1. Heavy workload and unhappy at work.
  2. Being insecure and harassment, discrimination at work.
  3. Working under harsh and dangerous conditions.
  4. Death of loved ones.
  5. Loss of job.
  6. Chronic injury or illness.
  7. Emotional issues.
  8. Fear & uncertainty.

Mental health hacks to lower stress:

There are various methods to reduce anxiety and stress. Here are some of the health hacks to decrease stress.

  1. Stand straight – standing straight will not give confidence but helps to decrease stress hormones.
  2. Rhythmic and long breathing – rhythmic, slow breathing activates vague nerve which is a large nerve that covers the entire body, links major organs like the heart, lungs, and takes the body to a relaxed state.
  3. Write away – writing will help you to get away from your worries and lets you to connect deeply to yourself.
  4. Listen to music – immersing yourself in music will take away your worries and anxiety, calms heartbeat, reduces stress hormone levels and controls blood pressure.
  5. Mind tricks – Mindfulness: intentionally pay attention to what you are doing with nonjudgment and curiosity. Circuit break: stop your thoughts and let yourself into doing your favorite things in order to distract yourself. Relax: progressive relaxing helps to clear your thoughts from the mind and relieves muscle tension.
  6. Recognition and Imagination: immediately after recognizing that you are you are being stressed then it is advised to imagine about anything (parallel universe, dream) to give your mind a positive vibe.

In conclusion, experts have reported that stress will make people sick, tired and unmotivated and the best way to get relief from stress is to keep the peace of mind.

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