5 Stretches to Ease Your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain, the most commonly suffered problem by many individuals, in general usually caused due to improper posture, failing in regular back pain relief exercises, fracture, ruptured disc or arthritis etc.

Lower back pain exercises are the simple primary solution to get relieved from the pain. Before starting stretches to loss lower back pain, first and foremost thing is to wear comfortable clothes to ease the movements. Never force the body, always prefer a pain free stretching. Back pain relief exercises are suggested to be performed on a flat and clean surface. Maintain pace to avoid any other side effects like muscle strains.

Here are the 5 best stretches to ease your lower back pain as Supine Twist, Sphinx Pose, Thread the needle Pose, Cat and Cow pose and Downward Facing dog which are in detail explained below.

5 Stretches to Ease your Lower Back Pain


      1.Supine Twist

Lie down on to the back with hands wide spread. Bend your knees to either left or right to the chest holding neck in the neutral position. Held shoulders on the floor if the knee on the top lifts up, you can use a block or a bolster between the knees and held in the position for 1 – 4 minutes.

  1. Sphinx Pose:

Tone your spine the best way with this pose. Lay on your stomach with legs at hip-width distance; get the elbows under the shoulders. Bring elbows bit slightly ahead in case of pressure on lower back. For a deeper bend use a block below elbows and hold for 1-3 minutes. Relax back to child’s pose for few breaths.

  1. Thread the needle Pose:

Lay on your back with soles resting on ground at hip-width far. Keep left ankle on right knee. Bring left arm in between the space of the legs, while the right arm from outside the right thigh.

  1. Cat and Cow pose:

Begin on hands and knees. Raise your chest and tailbone to upwards while inhaling. Bend your back and head downwards against shoulders while exhaling.

  1. Downward Facing dog:

Bend down with your palms on the ground and rise to downward facing dog pose. Start by bending knees, keeping back straight and long and with tailbone facing the ceiling. Gradually stretch and straighten each leg one at a time while bringing back the heel closer to the ground. Bring shoulder blades to the spine and energetically try to lower them, rotating your upper arms outwards. Keep in the position for 5 breaths.

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