5 Things Your Tongue Can Tell About Your Health

Often doctors examine tongue to find out any change in shape or colour, texture because the tongue has a correlation with the many internal organs. Any variation in attributes observed on the tongue shows a deep-rooted chronic condition. It is a preliminary screening for disclosure of any health trouble. Various colours of the tongue can tell the health condition of an individual.

Different colours of tongue can show the specific condition of the health below are five things can your tongue can tell about your health


If the tongue is in white colour, it is possible that tongue has oral thrust i.e. a yeast infection affecting the inside of tongue. It is observed through white patches formed on tongue. This infection is common in elders, infants, and individuals with the weak immune system. White patches on the tongue accompanied with excessive growth known as leucoplakia and it is commonly seen in tobacco product users.

If the tongue colour is in red, it can be a sign of vitamin deficiency and infection causing red bumps known as scarlet fever which causes a high fever. Another condition related with this tongue colour is geographic tongue forming a map-like pattern around the tongue. To cure scarlet fever antibiotics are necessary. Kawasaki disease can also cause bright redness in the tongue and it is a serious medical condition that must be treated in initial stage.

Black and hairy tongue caused when the papillae are unreasonably long and accommodated by bacteria.  Black and Hairy tongue, as the names suggest the tongue may look dark with long excessively grown papillae. This condition affects the individual with bad dental hygiene and is seen in individuals affected by HIV and other viruses.

If the tongue is smooth with no papillae, then it is due to the lack of nutrients like folic acid, iron, and B-vitamins, generally, the smooth tongue linked to the lichen planus or psoriasis.

When tongue enlarged and bigger than the mouth is known as Macroglossia and is usually observed in children. Signs of mouth cancer are spots, tumours or sores which last more than two weeks causing severe tongue pain, and having trouble swallowing food. People with these conditions must consult a doctor immediately.


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