5 Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster

Tips for falling sleep easier is for individuals suffering from sleeplessness before getting to know these tips let us understand why sleep is necessary. Some people will fall asleep instantly and others will have trouble falling asleep even at late hours, sometimes falling asleep can cause frustration and even if we miss sleep for a few hours can affect our daily life and productivity, it can change the human sleep cycle. People with Sleeplessness are at risk of diabetes and depression and weight gain. Poor sleep can make humans hungrier it affects digestion and cardiac function and immune system function


How to sleep Easier .

Mindful meditation

Inability to sleep often linked to stress, anxiety, and meditating before sleep, after sleep helps people feel less anxious, and reduces stress by decreasing cortisol levels in the body. Mindful meditation helped so many insomniacs and older people increase their sleep quality. Daily meditating for 15 to 30 minutes will do the trick.

Preparing the room and yourself

Whenever if you want to sleep make sure the light is dim and cool your room down by adjusting air conditioning to your comfort level this will help you doze off in a short time. In addition, make sure your feet and hands warm and comfortable by wearing socks or keep a warm water bottle at your feet or in your hands. Researches show the human body is prone to changes in the temperature of the body simple change in the body temperature the brain signals the body to rest. Making your feet and hands warm showed a measurable difference in individuals’ speed of falling asleep.


It is a hormone produced in the body engaged in controlling circadian rhythms. It is cheap and available in any medical store and worth a try. Doctors recommend it to patients deprived of sleep.

Keep away from electronics

Make sure that the sleeping area has none distractions and noise making objects such as mobile phones and Televisions and computers or laptops, these devices tempt the individual into engaging in non-sleeping activities.

Avoid eating sugar

By consuming sugar or any, items made by sugar such as candy or cookies give you energy and leads to a reduction in the orexin cell activity. It can make you wake up in the middle of the night. Glucose in sugar controls blood sugar levels, consumption of sugar gives instant energy thus depriving the individual of their sleep. So avoid sugar made food items before sleeping.

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