9 Habits that are Damaging your Eyes

9 Habits that are Damaging your Eyes

Do you suffer from dry eyes? Do you have dark circles? You might be unknowingly damaging your eyes through everyday habits! Eyes are important sensory organs. Do you know? Rubbing eyes can actually break the tiny blood vessels which can lead to dark circles. Some more habits damage your eyes. What are they? Read on…

Eyes are delicate sensory organs. They should be protected from dust, dirt, sun rays or anything that can damage the eyesight. However some everyday habits can damage the eyes. Eyes ought to be protected. The nature has also created human face in a way in which the eyes remain protected.

Do you know?

Eyebrows are present to protect the eyes from moisture, dust, dandruff etc. Eyes make us see the colours in the world. Adequate care should be taken to have good eyesight. Some everyday habits are actually causing harm to your eyes.

Which habits cause damage to the eyes?

The everyday habits that damage the eyes are as follows:

  1. Working in poor light: Just before sleeping, you might be operating your cell phones to check the updates on mail, facebook etc under insufficient light. This is a bad habit! Insufficient light actually puts strain on your eyes. This can cause problem to the eyes.
  2. Smoking: Smokers are 4 times more likely to go blind when compared to non smokers. This is shocking, right? Smoking is related to diseases like cataracts, dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy etc. If you smoke, it’s not too late, quit smoking now!
  3. Reading while travelling: When you read books, magazines etc while travelling, the eye should work hard to focus. This can lead to weakness, headache, dizziness etc. Hence quit the habit of reading while travelling!
  4. Rubbing eyes: Rubbing eyes can break the tiny vessels around the eyes. This can lead to dark circles and puffy eyes. Hence do not rub eyes. If you feel itchy, just place a cold compress over the eyes.
  5. Swimming with open eyes: The chemicals present in the swimming pools can cause itching, fuzzy vision or temporary blindness of eyes. Hence wear tight-fitting goggles every time you go for a swim!
  6. Forgetting sunglasses: The ultraviolet rays from the sun can harm your eyes. It can lead to sunburn of the front surface of the eyes, cataracts, cancer of eyelid etc. Hence wear sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV rays to keep your eyes healthy.
  7. Poor diet: Certain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are essential for the eyesight. For good eyesight, a person should consume a diet that consists of green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables, salmon etc.
  8. Lack of sleep: Sleep is necessary for the eyes. Lack of sleep can cause burning sensation in the eyes. The eyes may look dull. Lack of sleep can cause dark circles, dry eyes, blurry vision etc. Hence get 8 hours of tight sleep daily.
  9. Not consuming enough water: Water is essential for the eyes to keep them moist. Lack of water can lead to dry eyes, redness, puffy eyelids etc. Consume 8 glasses of water to keep your eyes healthy!

The above habits can make you look dull. It can speed up the aging process. Hence avoid the above habits. If you have eye related problems, consult an ophthalmologist online at eVaidya now!


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