9 Sex Myths you Believed Were True

9 Sex Myths you Believed Were True

People have instant access to various media to get information. While browsing, they might come across information about sex. Some of that information is not true. People believe in false information since it gets repeated quite often. To have right information about sex, read on the facts behind some of the most popular sex myths.

Myth 1: Women can’t get pregnant when they have sex during menstruation

Fact: Even though pregnancy is not likely to happen during menstruation, there are slight chances of pregnancy. This is because of the fact that once a sperm enters a woman’s body, it can wait there for a week for ovulation, so if the woman has brief menstrual cycle, there are chances that the woman will get pregnant.

Myth 2: Washing vagina soon after sex will terminate pregnancy

Fact: Sperms travel quickly. So even if you wash vagina with water, soap or shampoo, it won’t affect pregnancy. Hence, it’s always safe to use birth control methods when you don’t want to get pregnant.

Myth 3: First time sex won’t cause pregnancy

Fact: A woman can get pregnant anytime she has sex, it can be her first time too. Research says that 20 percent of the women get pregnant in their first sexual encounter.

Myth 4: Women consider the size of the penis

Fact: According to a research, men are more bothered about penis size when compared to women. A survey conducted on 50,000 heterosexual people revealed that 85 percent of women are satisfied with partner’s penis size whereas only 55 percent of men were satisfied with their penis size.

Myth 5: Clitoral stimulation is necessary for an orgasm

Fact: There are different ways for a woman to reach orgasm. Breast and nipples stimulation, vaginal or anal penetration, touching various parts of the body except for genitals can make a woman reach orgasm.

Myth 6: Women don’t like porn

Fact: It’s no doubt that men enjoy porn, women enjoy it too. It’s just that women don’t convey that they enjoy it. Watching a hot scene while performing a steamy sexual act can make sexual experience more pleasurable.

Myth 7: If a woman isn’t making pleasure noise, she doesn’t love it

Fact: Making pleasurable noises enhances the sexual act. However, if the woman doesn’t make noise, it doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying it, it means she is less vocal about it.

Myth 8: A virgin should bleed during her first sexual intercourse

Fact: Women bleed only when they break their hymen for the first time. This can happen when the woman is involved in intense physical activities such as cycling, running, swimming etc.

Now that you know the facts, enjoy your sexual life without doubts. For more information, consult a sexologist online at eVaidya now!


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