9 Ways you are Damaging your Hair

9 Ways you are Damaging your Hair

Do you have problems with your hair? You might be committing some mistakes in your hair care! Hair is a delicate filament. Hair should be given good care. It should be handled with patience. However, certain daily habits can actually wreck your hair. What are the daily habits? Read on…

Hair gives form to the face. Hair protects the brain from harmful effects of sun’s ultraviolet rays. When hair on the head is protected and kept in a simple style, it looks elegant.

Since hair is open to the environment it is susceptible to heat from the sun. The dirt and dust in the environment can damage it. Not only this, people commit some mistakes that damage their hair.

What are the mistakes people commit that damage their hair?

Some ways in which the hair is handled actually does bad to the hair. The mistakes are as follows:

  1. Over-washing the hair: A person should not wash her hair daily. It will strip off the healthy oils on the scalp, leaving hair lifeless. If you ought to wet your hair daily, just rinse it and apply conditioner every alternate day.
  2. Not brushing before washing: When hair gets wet, it’s more prone to tangle. Hence just before washing it, brush your hair.
  3. Not brushing the entire hair length: People brush the ends only to avoid dealing with knots. This is not a good practice. The scalp has natural oils. Hence one should brush hair from the roots to the ends.
  4. Excessive usage of conditioner: A person should not apply conditioner in huge amounts. It should be taken little in quantity just enough to detangle the hair. Also apply conditioner to the roots if the hair is in a weak condition.
  5. Intense towel drying: Do not rub your hair in between a towel. It will make the hair look dull and frizzy. It may lead to breakage. Just blot the hair with towel and free the knots with fingers. Let the hair dry by itself. Though this technique takes lots of time for the hair to dry, it leads to healthy hair in the long run.
  6. Blow drying the hair directly: If you blow dry your hair, keep some distance between the hair and blow drier. Do not get it close to the hair. Move the blow drier along the length of the hair.
  7. Shaping hair when it’s damp: One should not iron their hair when it’s wet. It leads to hair damage. Always curl or straighten hair when it’s dry.
  8. Using hairspray before ironing: Do not use hairspray before ironing. The alcohol present in the hairspray can make your hair burn when it comes in contact with heat. Apply hairspray after ironing the hair.
  9. Back combing hair: Do not back comb hair. It can lead to damage of hair cuticles. You may lose hair if you repeat this quite often.

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