Amazing Olive Oil Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Olive oil offers 100grams fat, 884 calories, omega-3 fatty and olive oil provides less saturated fats. Olive oil is gentle on a digestive system by preventing gallstones and soothes ulcers because of mono saturated fats present in olive oil.

Consumption of olive oil increased because of its association with lowering cardiovascular disease including cancer. Olive oil is the core of Mediterranean diet with monosaturated fats. Food cooked at high temperatures with olive oil provides flavour and good texture. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants.


Olive Oil benefits health in tremendous ways such as fighting the free radicals and toxins. Toxins damage normal body cells through harmful free radicals that are generated in the processes such as exposure to sunlight, smoking and pollution. There are three types of olive oils present – Virgin olive oil, Refined olive oil, and Olive-pomace oil and these three oils are categorized according to their unique processing method, flavours and their food application and characteristics.

Virgin olive oil produced by crushing fresh olive oils through mechanical extraction of oil without using heat.

Refined olive oil produced from olive pulp remained after first pressing of olives. Refined olive Oil made by using refining process, which removes fatty acids present in the olives.

Olive pomace oil produced from the olive pulp and for extraction of remaining oil present in olive pulp,they use solvents and heat. Olive pomace oil considered as lowest quality olive oil.

Olive Oil health benefits are

Health Heart

The extra virgin oil has high levels of antioxidants preventing the body cells from damage. Natural antioxidants and good cholesterol offered by olive oil helps the heart by reducing stiff and clogged arteries. The olive oil has Trans-fats beneficial for heart health.


Extra virgin oil is one of well-known measures taken for anti-aging.  With the help of vitamin E present in olive oil can prevent cells from damage and fight free radical and toxins.

Extra virgin olive oil is the only cooking oil in the world contains Oleocanthal, a natural anti-inflammatory compound.

Weight loss

Olive oil is considered as a weight reducing agent because of good cholesterol present in it, which assists to eliminate bad cholesterol from the human body. Olive oil keeps the digestive system full and limits food intake. Thus helping the body in maintaining of diet and manage weight loss effectively.

In conclusion, consumption of extra virgin olive oil daily more than four teaspoons is beneficial for blood pressure flow and weight loss and it serves as an anti-aging compound. Therefore,every individual must add olive oil in his or her diet.

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