Antibiotics can Affect Children’s Development

Antibiotics can Affect Children’s Development

A new study finds out that repeated doses of antibiotics can affect the children’s development.

The study was conducted by the NYU Langone Medical Centre on female mice. They were given two classes of antibiotics that are generally given to children. The researchers found out that the mice put on weight and developed larger bones when compared to the mice that weren’t given the antibiotics. Also, the antibiotics disturbed the gut microbiome, the trillions of microbes present in the intestinal tract.

Although the study was related to only mice, Senior author Martin Blaser points out that the results are same as the results found out from various studies that showed the side effects of antibiotics on children when used in early age and said that the accumulated data can be used to form guidelines related to the duration and type of medicines that should be given to children.

Blaser said that people take antibiotics as if there was no biological cost. He said that the average child in United States receives 10 courses of the drugs by the age of 10.

The study revealed that short and high doses of tylosin would lead to weight gain whereas amoxicillin lead to bone growth.

The antibiotics also affected the gut microbiome. “They changed the ecology of the microbiome in terms of the richness of the organisms, the diversity, and also what we call the community structure, or the nature of its composition”, Blaser added.

The study showed that the antibiotics did not only cause harm to the bacterial species, they also affected the number of microbial genes related to the specific metabolic functions.

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