Awful side effects of insomnia no one talks about

Lack of sleep can make you foggy and grumpy. Many effects of a lack of sleep are well known. But did you know that sleep deprivation can also have an intense effect on your physical health? Most living beings live according to a fairly standard sleep cycle. And for a cause: its part of your continued existence mechanism. Fail to sleep and severe malfunctions in your body and brain are set in motion. If you still lived hand to mouth and were required to fend off predators you’d need your complete sleep to keep yourself strong.

Awful side effects of insomnia no one talks about

Poor sleeping habits can head insomnia symptoms and several other sleep disorders or your bad habits could be symptoms of something deeper. Regardless, chronic bad sleeping habits can create a leftover sleep deprivation and shape deep behaviors you could fight back to free yourself from. In fact, some sleep researchers suggest that chronic insomniacs could do well to most from behavioral therapy instead of pharmacologic interventions. Why? They speculate that chronic insomnia symptoms become learned patterns drawn from behavioral modifications initially activated by sleep disturbance. With time you can change your viewpoint about sleep and those beliefs can really work against you, leading to chronic insomnia and sleep disorders and depression.

Side effects of insomnia include Constant tiredness, from mild to severe, Irritability, temper and moodiness, Loss of concentration, and in severe cases memory loss and hallucinations, Loss of coordination, in critical cases the situations of accidents increases with loss of sleep, Problems with relationships, Absenteeism and tardiness at work or school, Loss of appetite or the opposite, binge-eating, Use of prescription sleep aids that could become habitual, Use of stimulants etc.

The real problem comes from the effects of lack of sleep. Fatigue and even sometimes the medication used to treat it could be one of the reasons for auto accidents. Unchecked insomnia can turn into sleep deprivation, which carries a pretty big arsenal of ways to kick your ass, including stroke, diabetes, and heart failure.  That’s why sleep should never be looked on as a waste of time or nuisance. It’s an absolute requirement for human health and longevity. A recent study suggests that sleep deprivation can be the cause of anxiety, fear, and worry. Not getting sufficient sleep can, in fact, cause depression in some people. And almost all people with depression suffer from the sleeping problem.


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