Care After Sleeve Gastrectomy

Care After Sleeve Gastrectomy

Are you overweight and are you suffering from weight related problems like diabetes etc? Then sleeve gastrectomy is your solution! You know what? People lose 40% to 70% of their weight in the 1st year after undergoing the surgery. You should take good care of yourselves to get the potential benefits of sleeve gastrectomy. How? Read on…

Are you obese and suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, abnormal cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea etc? Your solution is Sleeve Gastrectomy.

What is sleeve gastrectomy?
Sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure wherein your stomach is reduced to 25% of its original size by surgically removing a part of your stomach. This is an irreversible process.

With a smaller stomach you will feel full quicker than you used to.

Why do you need a sleeve gastrectomy?
When you are not able to control your weight or when you are not able to cure weight related issues like diabetes through diet, exercise, or medicine, you should go for sleeve gastrectomy.

Sleeve gastrectomy is a surgery to reduce weight. Any surgery that is related with reducing weight comes under bariatric surgery.

Patients can lose 40% to 70% of their original weight in the 1st year after the surgery. Diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, hypertension etc are cured in more than 75% of people who have undergone sleeve gastrectomy. So go for it!

However, you should consult the best bariatric surgeon to get a correct solution for your problem.

You will get the best results from this surgery when you start leading a healthy lifestyle after the surgery. You should keep appointments with the medical team and eat the diet that your doctor recommends you. You should be physically active.

There are some tips you should follow to get the potential benefits from the sleeve gastrectomy. The tips are as follows:

  • Immediately after the surgery you should not eat foods that are high in sugar and fats. If you do so you might face nausea, vomiting and stomach Hence strictly follow the diet recommended by your doctor.
  • When you resume your work, make sure you take on light duties initially. Walking is a good exercise, but no heavy lifting.
  • Learn some new recipes so that food doesn’t turn boring after the surgery. You might start loving foods which you used to hate before.
  • You should follow your prescription wisely. Inform the doctor if you face any discomfort. Take the multivitamins regularly.
  • Ask your doctor about your calorie intake. Generally you should consume a diet of 600-800 calories. Also do not consume foods that are rich in fats and sugar.
  • Always drink low calorie drinks like water, sugar-free juices etc. Do not consume soda since soda can fill your stomach with gasses that may stretch your stomach. Also say no to alcohol.
  • Slowly start exercises after the surgery. Start with walking. Ask your doctor about the types of exercises you can practice. This will help your body strengthen.

Weight can cause serious issues in long run. If you are overweight and if you have diabetes, abnormal cholesterol etc then you should go for sleeve gastrectomy. You can also go for online weight loss consultation on eVaidya!

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