Could Cutting Calories Slow Down Aging

Calorie restriction diet varies by individual, depending on age, gender, weight, height and activity level. Your baseline caloric requirements point toward the number of calories you need daily to keep up your current weight. Calorie restriction refers to dropping the number of calories you eat for the purpose of weight loss or weight control. Dropping the number of calories you currently consume leads to weight loss. When you set your caloric goal for a calorie restriction, consider your present eating habits. Make a note of everything you eat for three days to find out your average consumption. Reducing your every day caloric consumption by 500 calories equates to a loss of one pound weight a week approximately.

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As every day caloric minimum, a male needs 1,200 calories and a female need 1,000 calories to support healthy weight loss according to a recent study by experts. If you are obese, partner with your physician to determine your minimum caloric requirement and get approval before starting a severe calorie restriction diet.

With growing age, our body starts to run down, be it organs or skin. Unless you are hereditarily lucky or have been a fitness fanatic keeping you healthy and eating nutrition diet, signs of aging are a bounce to show. In case of males, once they enter 40, metabolism rate slows down and chances of several disorders start to develop. Not only wrinkles show signs of aging but the body also starts to become weak. Diet plays a vital role in dealing with signs of aging and slowing down the process while keeping you healthy.

A  new research reveals that by reducing calories up to 25 percent could help keep you youthful on the inside, Reducing your everyday consumption by a quarter adds 0.6 fewer years to your inner age’ yearly, a study found. Apart from potentially keeping you young, fasting may also help to save from harm against chronic diseases, according to the recent studies.  Natural aging is the progressive and gradual worsening of systems in the body that occurs in advance. If we can manage to slow the rate of natural aging, it may be possible to avoid or at least delay beginning with many age-related disorders and disabilities. Hence we can say, calorie restriction diet has been connected to the slowing down of biological or natural aging, which means you can be able to hang on to your young and beautiful looks a little longer.

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