7 Dental Myths Everyone Believes in

7 Dental Myths Everyone Believes in

Do you avoid sugary foods? Do you skip brushing when your gums bleed? These are just false beliefs. Check out the facts behind these beliefs.

Generally people get afraid to visit the dentist due to the fear of the dental procedures. This leads to the creation of false beliefs. People believe in these myths without giving it a further thought.

Having false information about dental hygiene can actually be harmful. Check out the truth behind these popular myths.

Myth 1: Bleaching is bad for teeth

Fact: Bleaching will give you good results when you follow the directions. It will whiten the teeth. However, if you overdo bleaching, it can make your teeth translucent, which is just colour change, it won’t cause enamel damage.

Myth 2: One should not brush when gums bleed

Fact: Bleeding gums are an indication for plaque and food accumulation. Hence you need to brush to remove the plaque and food particles. According to dentists, the ideal way of brushing is to keep the bristles at 45° angle to the teeth, in a way that the bristles point the gums. This will help in getting rid of plaque. Also one should gently floss back and forth following the curve of the tooth. These habits should reduce the bleeding. If the bleeding still persists, it might be an indication of serious problem, you should visit a dentist.

Myth 3: A person with bad breath isn’t brushing well

Fact: Poor dental hygiene is one of the reasons of bad breath. Foods like garlic and onions, diseases like pneumonia can also cause bad breath. If you brush and floss twice a day and visit dentist regularly, you can be sure that bad breath is not related to dental hygiene. However, if you are worried about bad breath, you can visit a dentist.

Myth 4: Too much sugar is bad for teeth

Fact: Eating foods that contain high sugar content doesn’t cause tooth decay. The more time the sugar stays in the mouth, the more time the bacteria will feed on sugar to convert into acids. These acids will damage the tooth enamel. Hence, if you have sugary foods, brush immediately.

Myth 5: If you develop cavity, you will know it

Fact: Tooth decay won’t cause any symptoms. One will realize pain when it reaches its advanced stage and causes damage to the nerve.

Myth 6: It’s not necessary to brush milk teeth

Fact: Even though milk teeth fall, they should be brushed. Good habits like this will help ensure dental hygiene in the long run. Hence, it is advisable to brush milk teeth twice a day. Incorporate this habit when the baby gets its first tooth.

Myth 7: Sensitivity in teeth is an indication for decay

Fact: Sensitivity does not mean tooth decay. There are many other reasons for sensitivity which include hypersensitive teeth, broken tooth etc. If you experience toothache, you should visit a dentist.

Now that you have known the truth behind some false beliefs, take good care of your teeth. For more information, consult a dentist online at eVaidya now.



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