Do you recognize the Symptoms of Epilepsy?

Do you recognize the Symptoms of Epilepsy?

Do you suffer from rhythmic movements in hands and legs? Do you suffer from smacking of lips? Do you suffer from breathing problems? You might be suffering from epilepsy! When left untreated epilepsy can lead to death. To treat epilepsy, you should know its symptoms. What are the symptoms of epilepsy? Read on…

Epilepsy is a condition in which the person suffers from recurrent seizures. Seizure is a session in which the person experiences short or long periods of vigorous shaking.
There are 2 types of seizures. They are:

  1. Generalized seizures
  2. Focal seizures
  1. Generalized seizures: All the parts of the brain are involved in generalized seizures.
  2. Focal seizures: Only a part of the brain is involved in focal seizures.

What are the symptoms of epilepsy?

The symptoms of epilepsy vary based on the type of seizures.

  1. Generalized seizures: The symptoms of generalized seizures are as follows:
  • Cries
  • Rhythmic movements of arms and legs
  • Eyes kept open
  • Breathing problems
  • Skin turns blue in colour
  • Loss of urine
  • Confused state
  1. Focal seizures: The symptoms of focal seizures are as follows:
  • Rhythmic movements of arms
  • Feeling full in the stomach
  • Smacking of lips
  • Confusion

What increases the risk of epilepsy?

The below factors increase the risk of epilepsy:

  • Family history: A person will have high risk of developing epilepsy when his family members have epilepsy.
  • Head injuries: Head injuries can lead to epilepsy. Hence always carry a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bicycle. Also wear seat belt while driving a car.
  • Dementia: As people age they can develop dementia. This dementia can cause epilepsy.
  • Brain infections: In people with meningitis, the brain and spinal cord can get swollen; this can increase the risk of epilepsy.
  • Stroke: Stroke and diseases related to blood vessels can increase the risk of epilepsy.

What happens when you ignore epilepsy?

When a person ignores epilepsy, he can develop serious problems. The serious problems include the following:

  • Falls: People experiencing episodes of seizure can fall and break their bones. They can also injure their head.
  • Car accidents: Seizures can make people lose their consciousness. When a driver loses his consciousness and control, it can lead to car accidents.
  • Drowning: People with epilepsy are 15 to 19 times more likely to experience seizures while taking bath. They can also experience seizures at the swimming pool. This can lead to death.
  • Pregnancy problems: When a mother has epilepsy, the seizures can affect the baby too. Hence consult your doctor to plan your pregnancy.
  • Emotional disorders: People suffering from epilepsy can suffer from depression, anxiety. They might even commit suicide.
  • Status epilepticus: Status epilepticus is a condition wherein the person experiences continuous seizures or frequent recurrent seizures that lead to death.
  • Sudden unexplained death in epilepsy (SUDEP): People with epilepsy can suffer from problems of the heart and respiratory conditions that can lead to death. This happens in people with frequent seizures or in people whose condition doesn’t improve with medications.

Epilepsy can affect the person’s personal and social life. Sudden seizures can be embarrassing. When people suffer from epilepsy, the people in their life can move away from them. Hence epilepsy should be treated immediately.

If you ignore the symptoms of epilepsy, it can lead to serious complications. For more information on epilepsy, consult a neurologist online at eVaidya now!


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