Do you Recognize the 6 Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?

Do you Recognize the 6 Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes?

Do you suffer from tingling sensation in your feet? Do you suffer from frequent urination? You might develop diabetes if you show these symptoms! Diabetes is a disease which when left untreated might lead to many other illnesses like loss of leg, kidney failure etc. What are the other early signs of diabetes? Read on…

Diabetes is a disease that might lead to many harmful diseases like blindness, loss of leg, heart attack stroke etc. You can prevent these complications when you know the initial symptoms of diabetes.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease in which the insulin in the body gradually decreases. When insulin decreases, the body will not be able to convert the sugar into energy. This leads to the increase in the blood sugar.

What happens when you ignore diabetes?

The increase in the blood sugar affects the nerves. It can cause nerve damage that can lead to tingling sensation and pain in the legs, when a person with diabetes gets a cut or blister, he might not be able to sense pain since his nerves get damaged due to diabetes, as time passes, he might have to lose his toe, foot or leg. Diabetes can cause damage to your heart leading to heart attack, stroke etc. Diabetes can also lead to kidney failure.

Hence to be safe from diabetes and its related diseases watch out for the symptoms of diabetes in the early stages itself.

What are the early signs of diabetes?

The early signs of diabetes are as follows:

  1. Frequent urination: When a person has diabetes, the sugar in the blood will increase. The body lets out this sugar through urine. Hence a person with diabetes will suffer from frequent urination. Especially, if you suffer from frequent urination at nights that disturbs your sleep, then rush to a doctor now!
  2. Increased thirst: Since a person with diabetes urinates frequently, he will feel more thirsty than usual. You should drink water to quench your thirst, avoid soft drinks, chocolate milk etc. If you consume soft drinks you are unknowingly increasing your blood sugar. This will again make you urinate.
  3. Weight loss: Since a person with diabetes urinates often, he loses water and calories; this will lead to weight loss. Weight loss happens even though the person is feeling hungry and eating.
  4. Fatigue: A person with diabetes might feel tired because of frequent urination. Another reason is, since the body affected with diabetes will not be able to convert the sugar into energy; a person with diabetes will feel tired and lazy more often than usual.
  5. Blurry vision: When a person develops diabetes, the high blood sugar will affect the lens in his eyes. Hence the lens might become distorted; they might lose their flexibility which will make them harder to focus. This will cause blurry vision. When left untreated, blurry vision can cause cataract, blindness etc.
  6. Tingling sensation and slow-healing cuts and blisters: A diabetic person will have elevated sugar levels that can cause tingling sensation in the feet. Moreover, the immune system of a diabetic person doesn’t function well, when the blood sugar levels are high. Hence the cuts and blisters might heal slowly than usual.

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