Does Eating Rice Cause Constipation?

Rice is the most common daily food consumed many in India, especially in North and South India. While it’s the favorite and traditional food item, but many have this in mind; does rice cause constipation. Too much of anything is not good and especially not with improper diet combination. A combination of rice with protein rich curries, rajma, kadhi, dal and chhole although is excellent but the belief about rice constipation is holding many from adding rice to their diet and many others to avoid rice.

Fiber rich foods are supposed to assist constipation and other digestive problems. But at the same time all fiber rich foods are not your tummy’s friends. Fiber is inclined to adding bulk while water softens the stool thus avoiding the constipation situation. 20 to 35gms of fiber per day is the right quantity to be consumed for a healthy day. Anything more than which turns indigestible, leaving you with digestive problems that includes constipation too.

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Rice among many other grains is considered as the easily digestible grain, rich in fiber. Constipation is also mostly seen these days because of the unhealthy food we consume that includes but not limited to high sugar and salt and zero fiber food. Rice constipation is true if an irregular amount of rice is consumed beyond what your body can bear and even worse condition is if consumed with no other add-ons.

For constipation free life make sure to include raw vegetables, dals, and fresh fruits along with plenty of water. All the essential nutrients and fiber needed for your body is provided by rice and dal.

In some cases rice is doubted as the reason behind causing constipation, especially white rice due to the husk, bran and germ that’s removed during the polishing process. While brown rice relives the constipation problem.

So finally to clarify the question, does rice cause constipation. None of those guilty fiber rich foods that are suspected like white rice, whole milk, yogurt, red meat, ice cream, bananas, etc will reach the colon undigested. It’s only little of the digested food reach the colon as ash and constitutes to just 0.2% and 1.2% of the whole stool weight which has nothing to play any role in your constipation issue.

Only dietary fiber causes constipation and that undigested food reaches colon while absorbing water on its way thus making thing harder. So plan your diet accordingly avoiding too many dietary fibers and processed foods for a happy constipation free day.

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