Health Benefits of Sunlight You Definitely Need To Know

Throughout medical history, it is observed that sunlight is the best medicine for many health problems and body functions. Sunlight is seen as the crucial component for all body functions as it produces vitamin D which helps in protection against inflammation, reduces blood pressure, enhances brain functions, strengthens muscles, and also protects from cancer cells. Natural sunlight helps in the synthesis of D vitamin which is also known as “sunshine vitamin”.  Being exposed to sunlight enhances the productions of a hormone called serotonin from the brain which lets a human more focused and calm.

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Benefits of sunlight:

Apart from vitamin D synthesis, there are many health benefits of sunlight out of which some of them are stated below.

  1. Controlling Diabetes – vitamin D helps in producing insulin, increases insulin resistance, improves fasting glucose levels that help to keep diabetes in check (mainly Type 2 diabetes).
  2. Immunity boosting – sunlight helps in production of vitamin T and vitamin D cells which boosts body immunity systems and provides resistance against infections and diseases.
  3. Decreases the risk of cancer – exposure to springtime sunlight prevents from developing kidney related cancers and vitamin D helps the survival rate of cancer patients in the detectable
  4. Control of Blood pressure – skins nitric oxide reacts to the sunlight which results in widening blood vessels and this condition lowers blood pressure.
  5. Weight loss – sunlight increases activity levels and thus controls appetite. Lack of sunlight causes depression which affects appetite.
  6. Strengthen bones – vitamin D helps the human body to observe calcium and iron which helps in making bones strong and healthy.
  7. Fights skin disorders – UV rays from sunlight attract immune cells and fights against many skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and
  8. Enhances vision – vitamin D is associated with improving vision, reduces eye aging and UV rays from sunlight help in curing eye problems.
  9. Cures depression – sunlight is the natural therapy for depression as it helps the brain to produce serotonin that lets human body more active.
  10. Better sleep – an adequate amount of sunlight directs affects pineal gland of the brain and produce melatonin which helps in a better sleep.
  11. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorders) – a form of depression caused by season change is directly proportional to sunlight, inadequate exposure to sunlight reduces serotonin productions and makes the human body feel low and depressed.

It is a known fact that at least 10 to 15 minutes exposure to sunlight early in the morning produces enough vitamin D required by the human body and also enhances routine brain functions.

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