Healthy Lifestyle Measures for people Diagnosed with HIV

Healthy Lifestyle Measures for people Diagnosed with HIV

The treatment for HIV has evolved over the years. Awareness about this disease has introduced various ways to deal with the disease. This article focuses on simple healthy lifestyle measures which you can follow to reduce the progression of HIV.

People with HIV can protect themselves from AIDS when they follow steps directed by their doctors which include taking medications on time, simple lifestyle changes etc.

Tips for taking medications

Antiretroviral drugs that are prescribed for people with HIV can help in delaying the progression of HIV. They do not cure the disease completely. Also, these drugs should be taken as directed by the doctor. If the person missed the doses, the virus will reproduce faster.

  • Begin the dosage at the right time: The doctor will suggest the antiretrovirals once your level of CD4 lymphocyte reduces. The doctor will discuss the pros and cons of antiretrovirals. Once you start them, you shouldn’t stop them; else it might have negative impact on your health.
  • Put a reminder: To make sure that you take the drugs on time, you should put a reminder. For this, you can keep checks on a calendar, set an alarm or check on a to-do list.
  • Keep your medicines in a visible place: Always store medicines in places where you can find them easily. It can be near the kitchen or bathroom sink or bed.
  • Refill your medicines: Always keep extra medicines with you, because skipping a dose can harm your health.

Other healthy lifestyle measures are as follows:

  • Lead a stress-free life: Stress can suppress your immune system and make your disease progressive. Hence, stay away from stress by practicing healthy habits like getting adequate sleep and practicing yoga.
  • Get vaccinated: People with HIV are more likely to develop various diseases like pneumonia, flu etc. Hence get yourself vaccinated after consulting your doctor.
  • Practice safe sex: Even though you have HIV, you should practice safe sex. This is because you wouldn’t want to get yourself infected with another strain of HIV, and it will also protect you from sexually transmitted infections like hepatitis. This measure will also ensure that you don’t transfer HIV to your partner.
  • Consume a nutritious diet: Eat a nutritious diet that contains whole grains, proteins, low fat dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Add vitamin B12 and zinc to your diet and avoid fried foods and sugary drinks.
  • Quit smoking: HIV infected people who smoke are more likely to cough and experience dizziness. Hence, quit smoking today.
  • Don’t use illegal drugs: A person with HIV shouldn’t use illegal drugs such as cocaine, heroin or methamphetamines. When you share needles for injecting these drugs, you are more likely to get infected by hepatitis; it can also speed up the progression of HIV.
  • Go for moderate exercise: Exercise for three to six times in a week, this can help you in taking life positively. It will relieve HIV symptoms like reduced appetite and nerve pain. Moreover, exercises will protect you from getting severe diseases like diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.
  • Get tested for sexually transmitted diseases: Generally, people with HIV have other sexually transmitted diseases, even if they don’t show any symptoms. Hence, get yourself tested regularly for various sexually transmitted diseases.

Now, that you know the healthy measures, incorporate them and lead a positive life. For more information, consult an HIV specialist online at eVaidya now!


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