HIV: Myths and Facts

HIV: Myths and Facts

Do you think that HIV can’t be transmitted by oral sex? You know what? HIV can be transmitted by repeated sessions of oral sex through open mouth sores, gum infections and bleeding. There are several beliefs about HIV that are false. The facts are opposite to the beliefs. What are the beliefs of HIV? Read on…

HIV is a dangerous virus. It can spread from one person to another. The best way to keep yourself away from HIV is by getting educated about it.

You know what?

AIDS related diseases have led to the death of 39 million people so far.
In 2013, 3,60,000 deaths occurred due to tuberculosis in people who were affected by HIV.

What is HIV?

HIV is human immunodeficiency virus that can cause acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). AIDS will weaken the immune system of the body that will make the person prone to many harmful diseases. HIV can be transmitted through blood, vaginal fluid, breast milk etc.

People have some myths about HIV that are not true. The myths are based on limited knowledge on HIV.

What are the myths of HIV?

The myths of HIV and the facts related to them are as follows:

  1. Myth: You can’t get HIV from oral sex.

Fact: The chances of getting HIV from oral sex are less when compared to anal and vaginal sex. It is based on the fact that a single encounter cannot be dangerous but repeated oral sex can increase the risk of HIV. This is because of open sores in mouth, significant gum disease, bleeding etc. One can reduce the risk of HIV through oral sex by using latex barrier.

  1. Myth: HIV-infected pregnant women pass HIV to their babies.

Fact: If a HIV-infected pregnant woman is not treated for her HIV, HIV can pass to her baby. If adequate treatment and care is given before, during and after the birth, there is a 1 in 2% chance an infected mother will pass her HIV to her child.

  1. Myth: If you have AIDS, you will surely die.

Fact: Though the death rate due to AIDS was high in 1980’s, today AIDS can be treated through medications. Medications like antiretroviral drugs can improve health of many HIV-infected people. Thanks to the high quality medical care, HIV-infected people can lead a healthy long life.

  1. Myth: You can get HIV from mosquitoes.

Facts: Mosquitoes can’t spread HIV. This is because even if a mosquito bites an HIV-infected person, it won’t inject the blood of a person or animal it has last bitten. Moreover, HIV will remain in the mosquito only for a short time.

  1. Myth: If you are receiving treatment, you can’t spread HIV.

Fact: If the HIV-treatments work well the virus might not show in the person’s blood but it can be hidden in the other areas of the body. Hence it is important to practice safe sex so that you don’t make other person HIV-positive.

HIV can be diagnosed when the person shows symptoms like muscle aches, mouth ulcers, swollen lymph nodes, red rash that doesn’t itch etc.

HIV can lead to various diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, candidiasis, cytomegalovirus etc. HIV can lead to death also. So watch out for symptoms.

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