How is Female Sexual Dysfunction Treated?

How is Female Sexual Dysfunction Treated?

Experiencing low sexual desire? Are you experiencing pain during intercourse? These are signs of female sexual dysfunction. It can lead to problems between you and your partner. It can leave you and your partner dissatisfied. Continue reading to know more about causes and treatment…

What is female sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction is defined as pain or disturbance in sexual response cycle. A sexual response cycle consists of four phases namely excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution.

Research suggests that 43% of women experience sexual dysfunction.

There are 4 types of female sexual dysfunction:

  • Low sexual desire: Absence of sexual fantasies or lack of sex drive.
  • Sexual arousal disorder: Difficulty in becoming aroused or in maintaining arousal during sexual activity.
  • Orgasmic disorder: Difficulty in achieving orgasm despite adequate sexual stimulation
  • Sexual pain disorder: Pain during sexual stimulation or vaginal contact.

What causes it?

The following factors cause female sexual dysfunction:

  • Physical causes: Medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, neurological diseases, menopause, kidney disease, liver failure, etc.

Physical conditions such as alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. can cause female sexual dysfunction.

Certain medicines like antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antihistamines etc.

  • Psychological causes: Work related stress, anxiety, problems in sexual life, marital problems, depression, feeling of guilt, history of rape etc.

How is it treated?

A female sexual dysfunction can be treated with the effective involvement of the woman, doctors and trained therapists. Sexual problems can be treated by correcting the underlying physical and psychological problems.

The other treatments are as follows:

  • Providing education: Education about human anatomy, sexual function, etc. can help a woman in overcoming her anxieties about sexual function and performance
  • Enhancing stimulation: Erotic videos or books, masturbation etc can help a woman reduce her sexual dysfunction problems
  • Encouraging non-coital behaviours: Sensual massages can ease a woman’s sexual dysfunction
  • Minimizing pain: Sexual positions that control the depth of penetration can help a woman facing sexual dysfunction. Warm bath and vaginal lubricants before intercourse can help a woman in minimizing the pain

How does menopause affect female sexual dysfunction?

Women lose estrogen after they reach menopause. This along with emotional changes during menopause can affect a woman’s sexual life. To treat this, the doctor can suggest Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or vaginal lubricants. An oral drug ospemifene also can be used to thicken the vaginal tissue and make it less fragile.

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