How Night Shifts Can Increase Cancer Risk

Many people are attracted towards night shift jobs because those shifts tend to pay more and can make an easier schedule. Shift work sleep disorder can affect your health, as well as your performance. Shift work has been associated with certain chronic diseases and ill health. Working night shifts for long period continuously is linked with an increased risk of certain cancers and metabolic problems, ulcers, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and obesity. Inadequate sleep has been proven to change appetite and metabolism, and study has shown that shift workers have higher levels of triglycerides than day shift workers. In addition to these effects of shift work, they have unbalanced eating habits and poor diet which could also increase their risk of metabolic problems.

 How Night Shifts Can Increase Cancer Risk

 Another problem found in a person working at night, the light exposure restrains melatonin. People who work night shifts also often don’t have enough sleep, and long-term sleep deficiency is known to be bad for healthiness. Shift work also interrupts the body’s circadian rhythms and causes them to become out of normal routine with the external atmosphere and/or behavioral cycles. Shift work sleep disorder can increase the risk of mental health problems like depression. This may be because of the interruption of the circadian system which controls the release of various chemicals in the body. Shift work can also cause certain common issues that decrease happiness and cheerfulness. If you work irregular timings, you might sooner or later feel “out of step” with the people in your family or society.

Your efficiency and work performance can weaken working at odd hours. Shift workers are found to sleep less than the full amount their bodies actually require, and this can build up into a huge “sleep debt” over time. If you work night shifts, you’re working against your natural routine, which is indicating you to become less attentive and encouraging you to sleep during the nighttime hours. Both of these can slow down your response time, and you may not think as faster as u does or take action and solve the problem as well. Your attentiveness may be reduced, and it can become difficult to focus and stay on particular work. Studies show slower response times and more errors occur during night timings compared to day timings.

Night Shift work can cause several problems. In recent years effects of working night shift has been discussed which includes different types of cancers which are mostly seen in women. Three cancers found in women working night shifts are breast, endometrial, ovarian cancers. Breast cancer is one of the main causes of morbidity and mortality among females representing about 23 percent of all women cancers and a main important cause of death. Endometrial cancer begins in the layer of cells that form the inside layer of the uterus. Endometrial cancer is also called as uterine cancer. Other cancers can form in the uterus, like uterine sarcoma, seen rarely. Ovarian cancer is cancer of the ovary. The most common ovarian cancer is epithelial ovarian cancer. The researchers have proved that there is an association between night shift work and the risk of cancer. Further research with higher quality studies is required to confirm these results.

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