How stress Impact on Employee Productivity and Performance

Employee stress and productivity are two disproportional things that should be well balanced to get the best results. An organization is not what it do it’s all about who it is. With that said ‘who’ doesn’t mean just the management, employee too plays a key role as much as the management many times more than management in the success of a company. If employees among each other and employee to management respect and get along with each other in the workplace, the results will be amazing in terms of how productivity increases, morale increases and employee retention and bounding to the company improve.

Let’s now walk through on what are the causes of stress at work for an employee, what are the effects of stress in the workplace, how to manage stress at work and how will be Stress and productivity balance.

stress at work

Causes of stress at work

The various reasons that put an employee into stress include but not limited to failing in the situations like unable to find the best of anything or failing to accept challenges and prove themselves among all the remaining employees. The other stress causes from the management are lack of comfort with the Organization or its policies, failure of management in the organization, lack of support in the organization, physical environment setup failure, forced job roles that are completely irrelevant, stretching long time work hours in the organization, heavy work load with short term dead line and over anxiety of any activity performed in the organization. Lack of job security is the main and major reason behind stress at workplace.

Effects of stress in the workplace

An employee in stress has a great impact in the workplace. The various effects that could result in an organization because of employee stress include failing on time delivery without any errors, missing any test results or documents or situations related to cross team impact, migration issues, missing proper version maintenance etc.

Never neglect or leave even a single employee in stress, as every employee in a company are inter dependent and thus leading the stress to spread as virus from manager to lead, lead to senior staff, senior to juniors or from any employee to HR team and as such. It is at such situation any company will start its fall and proper identification of such small things can prevent great damages. Not just related to work but also any stress on employees will leave the company environment mechanical no fun or cultural or technology related activates.

Best ways on how to manage stress at work

Management, HR team or at least co team members play a crucial role in employee stress management. Organizing special personal meetings with the resource to identify the cause of stress and help in getting relieved, conducting some stress management sessions in a way to pre eradicate stress cause and assist to overcome from the stress . An employee can be relieved from stress by maintaining some fun activities at least once in a month so that people will start enjoying the work life. Organization or Managers should take the required responsibility and support employees in creating balance in work life and personal life. HR team should take special can identify the resource is in stress by notifying the few symptoms like employee in depression, an increase in sick days, aggression at work, a drop in work performance, problems with interpersonal relationships, lower tolerance of frustration and impatience and many as such.

Stress and productivity

Work stress will defiantly lead to impact on the productivity. Stress in the work will reduce the quality of the product. It’s the managements especially HR teams’ responsibility to relieve the employee from stress in whatever ways possible to get the best and even beyond expectation results. Stress and productivity being interlinked and inter dependent as a company and employee are interdependent its always as much necessary as results in terms of profit and growth are. Remembering that an employee with good job security and pressure free environment has nothing to fear and hence no stress and hence leaves the company with best results.

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