How to Choose the Right Foundation for Your Skin

The right purpose of foundation is to appear at its best but not to look like to have layers of makeup. Choosing the best foundation that perfectly fits your skin tone out of the different types of foundation is the first and important step in makeup.

Choose a heavier foundation if your skin really wants while a tinted moisturizer is not something like a foundation. An oil-free foundation is the best option for those oily skin people or for those living in a hot humid climate.

While purchasing a foundation, its suggested to test it on the back of your hand and walk out to check for the light impact. The best tip while choosing a foundation is to choose one that suits your chest color. Never worry about color mixing.


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As its pretty important to chose the right foundation for a gorgeous looking skin, here are few tips in choosing the right and best foundation for your skin.

  • Understand your skin first. If your skin is oily, don’t go for thick or the ones with lot of moisturizers as they make your skin further more oily.
  • Stay away from heavy pancake foundations that clog your skin pores. Instead use lightweight foundations that further improve your skin tone. Prefer those with salicylic acid that prevents as well as cures breakouts.
  • Incase if your skin is sensitive to certain cleansers or moisturizers, then be careful while choosing one from the various types of foundation as you may experience the same reactive feeling with certain foundations too.
  • Never go for those powder based foundations as they sit on your skin and make you appear old. Prefer light weight foundations that prevent further aging and further improves your appearance.
  • Not all foundations have SPF rating; prefer only those that have good sun protection. Choose those with an SPF of 15.
  • Go for moisturizing foundation for dry skins and liquid foundations are the answer while powder foundations are the ones to keep away as a dry skinner.
  • For those normal skinny individuals, use a lightweight foundation that evens your skin tone and hide any small flaws.

With foundations being one of the trickiest makeup goods to use, choosing the best foundation is always important. For a flawless and even skin tone, pick the right foundation as a wrong choice will increase imperfections making you look further oilier. Considering all the points mentioned, elect a right foundation.

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