How To Prevent Diabetic Ulcers?

How To Prevent Diabetic Ulcers?

Are you diabetic? Do you have a foot ulcer? You know what? You would have to cut off your leg due to diabetic foot ulcers! That’s shocking, right? A small ulcer can actually infect your entire leg! However you can prevent diabetic foot ulcers by following some simple tips. What are they? Read on…

You know what?
Every 30 seconds someone loses a lower limb because of diabetic foot ulcers.

Now that’s shocking isn’t it?
A small wound might damage your entire leg if you don’t get your diabetic ulcers treated immediately. Generally, you would not observe your foot as much as you observe your hands. But when you have diabetes you should take extra care of your feet. Your feet will be prone to harm from external dirt and dust. If you hurt yourself a bit, you might get a wound.

If you have a wound when you have diabetes, you might probably not feel pain because you will have reduced sensation in your hands and feet due to diabetes. Your nerves that send pain signals get damaged when you suffer from diabetes.

Now, what are diabetic ulcers?
Diabetic foot ulcer is a non-healing or poorly healing full-thickness wound. The wound may harm your skin or it may even extend to your muscle or bone. People affected with diabetes will have slow blood flow that will increase the normal healing time of wounds.

When you have a wound, your body undergoes a stepwise repair of extracellular matrix. Controlled rebuilding of skin is essential to avoid under-healing or over-healing of skin. Diabetes disturbs this healing process. When the healing process gets disturbed, the slight wound can infect your toe, foot or a part of leg.

If you are diabetic, if you get a wound see to it that it heals within a few days. If you don’t observe healing of your wound, you should immediately consult a diabetologist.

However you can take some care to avoid ulcers while you are diabetic.

You can stay away from diabetic ulcers by following simple steps:

  • Daily wash your feet with lukewarm water. Dry them gently in between the toes and sprinkle talcum powder to keep your skin dry. Also moisturize them to keep them soft.
  • Visit doctor if you observe any corns, cuts, blisters, sores, redness, or tenderness, do not handle them yourselves
  • Always wear slippers while walking.
  • If you wear socks, chose cotton socks. Avoid socks with elastic bands.
  • Buy comfortable shoes. Do not wear tight fitting shoes. Your doctor might recommend you orthopedic shoes that cushion your feet and make you comfortable.
  • Visit the doctor regularly for foot check up. Your foot might be showing some early signs of nerve damage, poor circulation etc. Your doctor can immediately suggest you a remedy for the above problems.
  • Trim your toenails and if you find any hardened part of skin on your feet, consult your diabetologist immediately since hardened parts may turn into ulcers.
  • Smoking reduces blood circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen in blood. Hence quit smoking.

Small diabetic ulcers might pose you a big problem like amputation of your toe or a part of your leg. Hence if you find any wound on your feet that isn’t heeling, consult a diabetes specialist online  at eVaidya!

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