How to Prevent Thinning Hair and Hair Loss

Due to the unhealthy lifestyle, poor hair care, genetics, nutritional deficiencies many people are facing severe hair fall in these days and are opting hair loss treatment. There are a number of hair fall treatments and techniques are available in the market these days. Heavy loss of hair is a very stressful thing, but no one can prevent boldness or thinning hair. But it is possible to take some treatments to avoid hair loss.


Main reasons for Hair Loss

Lack of nutrition in food, vitamin deficiencies, eating more junk food, can cause hair loss. Thyroid problem, infection and severe stress also cause hair loss and hair thinning. Hair baldness and air thinning are also caused by unhealthy habits like styling hair with hair colors, using high concentration hair sprays and gels, using hot hair styling tools, frequent shampooing, and brushing. There is a chance of severe hair loss due to emotional stress, chemotherapy, post-pregnancy hormonal changes, and typhoid etc. health conditions.

There are some natural remedies and foods that prevent hair loss and hair thinning. Intake of various fruits and vegetables, high protein food like cheese, nuts, and dairy products prevents hair loss. Relax mind and body, which can be obtained by stress management techniques also prevents hair loss.

Almost 80% of people are suffering from scalp, thinning hair and hair loss in this polluted environment. If the hair loss and hair thinning is very high, it is better to consult a doctor and choose a better hair fall treatment or vitamin supplement to avoid hair loss. There are a lot of techniques available to treat hair fall. Hair loss and thinning hair are different in men and women depend on their age. Hair fall treatment for women and hair fall treatment for men are different and it varies depends on the main cause and severity of hair fall.

Various hair loss treatments to avoid Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Low-Level Laser Therapy is one of the most effective hair fall treatment that main reduces thinning hair. This therapy provides extra energy to the injured cells in the scalp and stimulates hair growth and avoids hair fall. Hair transplantation is one of the techniques performed for thick hair growth at the areas where there are more scalp and area where hair is thinning. Another technique is the scalp surgery. In this treatment, doctors remove the bald spot with surgery and the scratches are closed with hair covered scalp.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women and Men

Minoxidil is one of the most effective and approved hair loss treatments for women. This can be used in the form of a topical solution or topical foam. This liquid should be used only once in a day.2% minoxidil available products can be used for female hair growth. 80% of women stated that usage of minoxidil in regular basis prevents hair loss and helps in hair growth. For getting more positive results, this product should be continued for the long term.

5% strength of minoxidil product is recommended for use in men. Finasteride is one of the most effective and approved medication for hair loss in men. This treatment enhances hair growth and stops hair loss problem in men.

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