Is Highly Processed Foods Linked to Increased Cancer Risks

Cancer although has been fought against successfully by many but many individuals are leaving their body open welcoming the deadliest cancer in the way by having foods linked to cancer. You may be healthy today but the rate of your processed junk food consumption would definitely lead you to the tomb early. There are proven studies that mention that a 10% increase in the highly processed cancer causing foods in your diet will lead to more than 10% greater risks of cancer attack. So be aware of what you eat! Making foods that are less or not at all processed like fresh vegetables and fruits and whole grains part of your diet keeps cancer away.

Is Highly Processed Foods Linked to Increased Cancer Risks

With that being understood about cancer causing foods, it’s more important to have an idea on what foods cause cancer. Here is a list of few of the foods linked to cancer:

  • Packed breads and baked goods prepared in bulk
  • Sodas and many other sweetened drinks
  • Readymade noodles and similarly many soups
  • Sweet or aromatic packaged snacks or munchies
  • Industrialized confectionery and desserts
  • Processed meat or meat balls, chicken and fish nuggets and
  • Other remade meat products changed with addition of preservatives like nitrites that are other than salt
  • Ready meals iced up or shelf-stable
  • Many other foods and food products prepared mostly or entirely from sugars, oils and fats, etc

Keep yourself away from these highly processed cancer causing foods so as to stack the odds in your favor. For those who are suffering with should as well maintain healthy and safe foods to avoid further health degrade and come out of the cancer risk. The below is the food for cancer patients to avoid.

  • Any type of meats either deep fried or grilled or barbequed or baked.
  • Too much consumption of salt, sugar or oily foods.
  • Avoid bacon, ham, sausages etc that fall under processed meats and also red meat.
  • Minimize or nullify alcohol consumption and smoking.
  • Avoid preserved foods that are rich in nitrites that are carcinogenic like pickles, jams, salted mustard green and century eggs.
  • Make sure of vitamin supplement intake, avoid excessive intake to avoid any further consequences.

Following a healthy diet and maintaining proper body weight while giving the body required and enough activity will keep you safe from any kind of cancer risks. Make healthy diet part of your routine for a healthy life ahead!

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