Worried about Hair fall? Learn How to Treat Hair Loss!

Worried about Hair fall? Learn How to Treat Hair Loss!

Are you suffering from hair loss? Hair loss can make you bald! If you have patches of hair loss get it treated with the help of hair transplantation methods. The person undergoing hair transplantation method can go home on the same day of the surgery. Hair transplantation methods are of 2 types. What are they? Read on…

Hair is a delicate filament. When hair is not protected from harmful ultraviolet rays, dirt and dust, the hair can get damaged. Hair loss can occur.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can occur due to various reasons. The reasons are as follows:

  • Hormones: Imbalance in androgen levels can cause hair loss.
  • Diet: When a person has protein deficient diet, he can lose his hair.
  • Stress: When a person undergoes stress, he can lose his hair.
  • Medicines: Medicines used in chemotherapy can cause hair loss. Blood thinners, beta adrenergic blockers and birth control pills can lead to hair loss.
  • Autoimmune disease: In a healthy person, the immune system will protect the body from harmful bacteria, virus etc hence protecting the body from diseases. In unfaithful cases, the immune system can attack the hair follicles that can lead to hair loss.
  • Medical conditions: Various medical conditions like thyroid disease, lupus, diabetes, anemia etc can cause hair loss.

How to regain hair?

A person can get back his hair with the help of 2 methods. The 2 methods are as follows:

  1. Follicular unit strip surgery: In this surgery, the surgeon will remove several grafts of hair from the donor site. After that the surgeon inserts these grafts in the patches of hair loss.
  2. Follicular unit extraction: In this surgery, the surgeon will take the hair follicle from the back of the head and transplant it in a group of 1 to 4 hairs which resembles the actual pattern of hair growth.

What are the advantages of hair transplant surgery?

The advantages of hair transplant surgery are as follows:

  • The person can get satisfactory results in less time.
  • The patient can return home on the same day as that of the surgery.
  • It requires less or no sedation.

Hair loss can depress people. It can make them feel awkward in social gatherings. Hence if you face hair loss, get it treated right away! Consult a dermatologist online at eVaidya now!


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