Most Effective Methods to Reduce Snoring during Pregnancy

For all those who might have complained so far about their partner snoring during night, imagine how the scene will turn if you’re now the trouble maker with your snoring since you were pregnant. Worry not as we’re here bringing infront of you the most effective methods on how to cure snoring that’s happening during pregnancy unlike before.

Many has the thought that snoring is not a that severe problem but unlike the normal cases it is definitely a severe problem to be worried about as there are several serious concerns accompanied with snoring during pregnancy. Remember that snoring is dangerous too to be paid attention as it may causes severities like sleep apnea, preeclampsia, Intrauterine Growth Restriction, gestational diabetes, etc.


With all the adverse effects understood caused by snoring, here are the most effective Methods to reduce snoring in pregnant women.

  • Use nasal strips that are drug free; stick them on and lay down
  • To get rid of the nasal congestion seen in most pregnant cases, use humidifiers in your bed rooms for a snore free night.
  • It is as always suggested for pregnant in any case, sleeping to your side will help in avoiding snoring too along with other benefits like increased blood circulation etc.
  • Elevate your head than normal. Use two pillows instead of just one for free nasal airflow.
  • Keep an eye on what you eat as that in certain cases stand as a reason behind snoring during sleep.
  • Stay away and say no to the 3 dangers – Tobacco, Alcohol and sleeping pills.
  • Say no to sleepless nights or long working hours as they deprive your bodily strength.
  • Add plenty of fluids to your diet. It may include water, juices or anything else as such to avoid stickier nostrils.
  • Heavy meals should never be a part of pre bed food, neither are those spicy and oily foods.
  • Inhaling light steam before bed will help pretty well in many cases. Don’t use too hot steam.

Inculcating these effective methods to reduce snoring part of your routine will help you get rid of the snoring habit and give peaceful sleep to both you and your bed time partner. Also worry not for those who never had that snoring problem earlier before pregnancy as that it won’t continue post your delivery. Have a happy and snore free sleep.

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