Top 6 Myths on Heart Disease

Top 6 Myths on Heart Disease

Heart disease is known as “silent killer” since its facts go unnoticed. People tend to get information about this disease from magazines, commercials, friends and family circles. This information gets repeated so often that people start believing in it. Keep reading to know the facts behind some of the popular myths.

Myth 1: Youngsters don’t get heart disease

Fact: Heart disease affects people of all age groups. Children having high levels of cholesterol and blood pressure are at an increased risk of developing this disease. Irrespective of the age, lifestyle habits like junk food, smoking etc can put a person to risk.

Myth 2: People who are physically fit won’t get a heart attack

Fact: If you are fit, it doesn’t mean you won’t get diseases. Though, people who are obese are at increased risk of developing this disease, thin people can also be prone to clogged arteries caused by high cholesterol and damaged arteries. There are various factors that can cause this disease in physically fit people such as diabetes, smoking, genetics etc.

Myth 3: You will know it when you have a heart attack

Fact: It’s not always easy to recognize a heart attack. Chest pain and shortness of breath are not the only symptoms of this condition. Extreme tiredness and fainting can also be symptoms of this condition. The symptoms can occur in the other parts of the body too even though they are not associated with heart.

Myth 4: Women do not get heart attacks

Fact: According to Dr Ashok Seth, an esteemed cardiologist, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in women; it is six times more harmful than breast cancer. Although women are less likely to develop this disease in their reproductive years, various factors like smoking, oral contraception pills etc can increase the risk of this disease. Symptoms of this disease in women include pain in neck, jaw, chest etc.

Myth 5: Reduction of fats from diet can bring down your risk

Fact: All fats are not bad for the health. Saturated fats and trans fats are unhealthy but unsaturated fat is healthy. Fats found in nuts, avocados are necessary in the diet. Moreover, omega 3 fatty acids found in fish will bring down your risk of heart disease provided you consume it two times in a week.

Myth 6: One should avoid exercising after a heart disease

Fact: Moderate exercise is best to recover from a heart disease; it will keep the heart active. However, consult your doctor before you start exercising.

Heart diseases can be avoided when you know the facts about it. For more information, consult a cardiologist online at eVaidya now!

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