New Anti-Malaria Drug Developed

New Anti-Malaria Drug Developed

Malaria is a common disease and many measures have been taken to treat it.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), the world saw the death of 5,84,000 people in 2013 due to malaria.

Dr. David Reddy, CEO of Medicines for Malaria Venture said “malaria continues to threaten almost half of the world’s population-the half that can least afford it.”

Though there are many measures to manage malaria, a cause of worry is that the new strains of malaria are resistant to the present anti-malaria treatments. This has led many researchers to work on the drugs that can fight the new strains of malaria.

Since 2009, researchers at the Dundee University have worked with the Medicine for Malaria Venture to develop a compound which can fight the malaria parasites and they have succeeded in finding one of such compounds.

DDD107498 is an exciting compound since it holds the promise to not only treat, but also protect these vulnerable populations” said Dr. Reddy.

“The compound works in a different way to all other anti-malaria medicines on the market, giving great potential for it to work against the current resistance parasites”, added Dr. Reddy.

Professor Ian Gilbert, head of Chemistry, Dundee University said “DDD107498 has the potential to treat malaria with a single dose, prevent the spread of malaria from infected people and protect a person from developing the disease in the first place.”

Presently, the compound is in the testing phase in Medicine for Malaria Venture.
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