A New Circumcision Device gets WHO Approval

A New Circumcision Device gets WHO Approval

The World Health Organization (WHO) has approved a new disposable circumcision device named ShangRing which doesn’t require sutures and involves minimal bleeding.

WHO has prequalified ShangRing which means that it meets the international standards of safety. It has two plastic rings that lock over the foreskin of the male reproductive organ.

ShangRing can be used to circumcise boys who fall in the age group of 13-17 years; it can also be used to circumcise adults. Prequalification from WHO also means that this device will be easily available in places mostly affected with HIV which include sub-Saharan Africa.

Research shows that circumcision can reduce the risk of males getting affected by HIV, during vaginal intercourse, by 60 percent.

WHO prequalified the device based on the tests conducted on 1,900 males from Zambia, Uganda and Kenya. Moreover, it was tested on 350 adolescents who fell in the age group of 13-17.

“This is a major milestone toward improving access to voluntary medical male circumcision, which will help prevent HIV acquisition in low-resource settings and contribute to the international efforts to achieve an AIDS-free generation.”, said Shang Jianzhong, inventor of ShangRing

WHO is looking forward to circumcise at least 20.8 million males till 2016. The organization believes that this can be possible through ShangRing.

Source: http://www.ibtimes.com.au/who-approves-shangring-new-minimum-bleeding-circumcision-device-1453514


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