Smoking Cases on Rise: Measures to Control it

Smoking Cases on Rise: Measures to Control it

Do you smoke? If you do, you are at an increased risk of developing various cancers, heart disease and lung disease. Read on to know the prevalence of smoking in India and find out the measures to control it.

People get addicted to tobacco products due to various reasons. With a need to keep up with the trend, people are transforming into smokers after getting influenced by friends and family. Some smoke to forget emotional pain. All of these habits lead to one million deaths each year in India.

A study conducted in India suggested that smoking leads to the death of 20 percent of men and five percent of women aging 30 to 69 years. According to Dr P Vijay Anand Reddy, director of Apollo Cancer Hospital, tobacco use affects all the organs of the body.

Cardiovascular disease is one of the major contributors of death in India. A study predicts that CVD will lead to 50 lakh deaths in India in 2020. Out of the reported cancer related cases, half of them are due to tobacco use. It leads to the cancer of oral cavity, lung, pharynx and oesophagus.

Tobacco use also has negative effects on the reproductive health, blood pressure, digestion, eyes, bones etc. Moreover, it leads to psychological and social problems.

Even though health problems due to tobacco use are on rise, 20 crore people still use tobacco products. According to Dr. Umakanth Naik, oncologist, Apollo Hospital, 13 percent of tobacco users consume it through cigarettes and 54 percent of them consume tobacco through beedis and the remaining use tobacco in the form of gutka.

Smoking does not only damage the smoker’s health, it also affects the people surrounding him/her.

Every year 1.5 to 3 lakh children get affected by lung and chest disease because their family smokes. The ones who are married to smokers and pregnant women also are at high risk of developing cancers and heart problems.

Measures to control smoking

Following the below mentioned simple measures can help you get rid of smoking:

  • Think of a date and see that you quit smoking that day. It can be an auspicious occasion like your child’s or spouse’s birthday.
  • Instead of spending the time in smoking, think how you can use it effectively. You can take a walk; call your best friend etc.
  • Spend less time with people who smoke.
  • Since cigarette contains 69 chemicals that can cause cancer, think of every cigarette stick as a stick that is bringing you close to cancer
  • Use various products available in the market which help you in kicking the habit of smoking. The products are nicotine skin patches, chewing gums that contain nicotine etc.

Follow the above measures and throw that cigarette stick. For more information, consult a family practice doctor online at eVaidya now!


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