Symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease you shouldn’t Ignore

Symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease you shouldn’t Ignore

Experiencing chest pain? Do you suffer from irregular heartbeats? These are some signs of congenital heart disease. It is a condition in which the heart is abnormal from the time before birth. This can be treated if the symptoms are known at the right time. Read on to know its symptoms…

Heart is a delicate organ. It pumps blood and keeps you alive. However, due to certain factors the heart may have some deformities. People can treat the deformities when they know the symptoms of congenital heart disease.

What is Congenital Heart Disease?

Congenital heart disease is a condition wherein abnormalities in the cardiovascular structure occur before birth. The probability of congenital heart disease is 1 in 100 children.

What are the Symptoms of Congenital Heart Disease?

A person might develop the symptoms of congenital heart disease at the time of his birth, in his childhood or in adulthood. The symptoms of congenital heart disease are as follows:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heart rhythms
  • Feeling tired quickly while exercising
  • Fainting
  • Swelling of body tissues
  • Pain in the chest
  • Irregular breathing
  • Clubbed fingernails

What are the Causes of Congenital Heart Disease?

When in womb, in the first month of gestation the foetal heart starts pulsating. The heart starts growing, at this point of time congenital heart disease may develop. The exact cause of the disease is unknown, researchers think medical conditions, medications and genetics could cause congenital heart disease.

In some adults, congenital heart disease will re-occur after it is treated in their childhood. This happens because heart diseases get repaired but they don’t completely become normal.

What Increases the Risk of Developing Congenital Heart Disease?

There are various factors that can increase the risk of developing congenital heart disease. Few factors include:

  • Rubella: If the mother suffered from Rubella during her pregnancy, the child might develop congenital heart disease.
  • Medications: Consuming certain medicines like drug isotretinoin during pregnancy can cause heart problems in children. Drinking alcohol can also increase the risk of heart defects.
  • Diabetes: If the mother has type-1 diabetes or type-2 diabetes, it might cause problems in heart of the child.
  • Genetics: One can get congenital heart disease when they have genetic problems like Down syndrome.

What happens if it is Ignored ?

When this disease is not treated immediately , people will face the following problems:

  • Heart infections (Endocarditis): Bacteria and germs can enter the heart through any part of body like mouth. This can destroy the heart valves.
  • Stroke: When a person has congenital heart disease, the veins that travel to the brain might have a blood clot; this can lead to a stroke.
  • Heart failure: When a person suffers from congenital heart disease, the person’s heart might become too stiff or weak; because of this the heart may not be able to pump enough blood as required by the body. This can lead to heart failure.

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