13 Effective Techniques that helps you to overcome chronic pain

13 Effective Techniques that helps you to overcome chronic pain

Relieving from chronic pain is the most important thing that one should know since it is the feeling you should overcome to keep continuing your daily activities. Making the brain to learn some pain management techniques or copying strategies is the best way to cope up with the chronic pain temporarily.

Chronic Pain management techniques

Chronic Pain management techniques deals with controlling chronic pain and helps you feel empowered to control the pain. These techniques can be used in tandem with other pain management therapies carried out by pain management specialists. It is also important for you to learn how to focus and relax your body since they can help you pay less attention to your pain.

To begin with, you should start relaxing by shutting your eyes or focusing on a point. Once you take a deep breath, you can start using imagery techniques. Few effective chronic pain techniques include:

Feeling relaxed

Relaxation involves slow & deep breathing, boosting concentration levels to release tension from muscles and relieve pain. Learning to relax needs more practice, but it can make you pay less attention to the pain and release tension from all muscles. You can also go for relaxation tapes to help you learn these skills.

Not focusing on pain

This is one of the important techniques that tell how you can alter sensations in the body. In this technique, you need to focus on any non-painful part of the body. By doing so, you will focus more on other part instead on painful parts.


In this technique, you need to mentally separate painful body part from the rest of the body. You need to imagine that you are not experiencing any pain in any part of your body and you should separate your body and mind as well. For example, if you feel back pain while sitting on the chair, then you need to erase the feeling that you are sitting on the chair from your mind.

Mental anesthesia

In this technique, an injection of numbing anesthetic is being injected into the painful area. Then, you need to imagine a cooling and soothing ice pack being placed on the area.

Mental analgesia

In this, a strong pain killer is being injected in the painful area. Alternatively, you can think like your brain is producing large amounts of endorphins, the natural pain relieving substance. This substance can flow to the painful parts of the body.

Altering sensations

You can produce different sensations such as cold, heat, and anesthetic in a non-painful hand, and can place your hand on the painful area. You can just imagine transferring the sensations to the painful area.

Visual imagery & distraction

This involves concentrating on mental pictures of pleasant scenes or the ones which you like or repeating your favorite phrases to reduce pain. You can also make use of tapes to help you learn visual imagery skills.

Find ways to distract yourself

In this, your focus should be shifted from negative thoughts to positive thoughts. It can also include activities such as watching television or a favorite movie or reading a book or listening music or talking to a friend.


Counting is a good way to deal with painful things. You can count breaths, holes in a ceiling, floor tiles and do anything that can distract you.

Endorphins & exercise

You can cope up with brain through Endorphins, which are brain chemicals that help improve your mood by blocking pain signals. Exercise also reduces pain by strengthening muscles and preventing further pain.

Join others living with pain

When you live with people who are experiencing pain, you feel less pain. Joining the same group of people gives you strength that is required to cope up with pain. And, it is better to have a healthy attitude and avoid negative thoughts that make pain worse.


Biofeedback is a technique through which you can control various body parts. It sounds like science fiction, but there is proper evidence that this technique works. In this, you should wear sensors that allow you hear and see certain body functions like digestion, pulse and body temperature. The beep sounds will let you know what’s happening inside your body. Then, you wish to control those beeps and squiggles. This is how you try to control your body function.

Keep a track of your pain level

Keeping track of your pain will help you notice the improvement day by day. At the end of each day, you need to rank your pain on the scale of 1 to 10. This track will help your doctor to know how you are living with chronic pain.

Whatever the pain may be, these chronic pain management techniques will work effectively over all the times. If you are experiencing any pain, may be its worth trying any of these today. If pain is too chronic, then it is better to consult pain specialists online to resolve your issues. Consulting a pain specialist online at eVaidya will help you to get the better information and medical advices about pain therapies. If you undergo pain, it’s the right time to consult pain specialists online now.

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