Top 5 Reasons for Hair Loss in Young Age

Hair loss in teens is the major problem faced and there are many causes for hair loss although all those causes can’t be controlled but many of them to the most extent can be regulated. Let us sit on and work on for our hair and learn about reasons for hair fall and how to reduce hair loss.

The beauty of a person increases more with their hair look. Especially teens, the age with more concern for appearance are those who worry a lot about hair loss, of course it’s the age to worry about if hair loss is seen at such an early age. Hair loss in teens especially is very frustrating and thwarting ordeal that has a great impact if taken to heart.

Top 5 Reasons for Hair Loss in Young Age Hair

Before learning about the ways on how to reduce hair loss, first let’s understand the causes of hair loss in teens. Although there are many causes, few main and major hair loss reasons in young are jot down here:

  • Stress – The major problem for young that plays a spoilsport impacting hair loss to a great degree. Stress at this young age is mainly due to the competitive spirit.
  • Smokers and Guzzlers are at the top list. It has become a habit to many at this tender age which stands as another main reason behind hair loss.
  • Young age is that point where individuals get easily attracted to styles encouraging them to excessive styling and coloring of hair causing severe hair loss after a certain time.
  • Hereditary problems are one among the top reasons behind hair loss
  • Young generation in this current era is running after diet and zero size impacting the body a lot. Lack of proper food and essential nutrients are causing a great damage to hair.

Although the above 5 reasons are majorly seen in many hair loss cases in young people, there are few more as listed below that cause a reason for hair loss.

  • Diseases and illness and the associated medications and toxic chemicals also fall among the top reasons. Any injuries and major surgeries also accompany by hair fall as the body of young is very tender and can’t take all the medication resulting in hair loss.
  • Poorly performing liver is also among the hair loss reasons.
  • Poor blood circulation in the scalp leads to hair loss and it also holds further hair growth.

With all the reasons discussed it’s now equally important on understanding ways of how to reduce hair loss. Despite of the severe hair loss, it’s very much possible to stop hair loss by just reversing the cause to work in your favor. Quitting habits like smoking, guzzling, maintaining proper food habits that give enough and required nutrients to the body, avoiding over stress, improving physical activity in a healthy way, avoiding too much hair styling and coloring can save your hair and even help in a healthy hair growth.

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