What Every Women Should Know About Her Heart

Women should know about her heart as it’s important for her to stay safe and pre alarmed. There can be numerous women heart problems but many studies have proven that heart attack is the most commonly observed problem. Unlike the usual misconceptions that men and women have same symptoms of heart attack, it’s not true when it comes to the actual case.

It’s because of which women should know about her heart to stay safe. This article is meant to bring your heart close to you by sharing enough knowledge about your heart. Here are few things that you should know about your heart.

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  • Either fat or thin, heart problems have same chances if you maintain a bad routine. Look at what cholesterols you take. Because, studies have proven that even thin women are at risk of heart problems. Recently, it’s also noticed that anyone with a waist circumference higher than 35 inches are at more risk of heart diseases.
  • Depression is one major reason for heart problems. Because loneliness and social isolation leads to an increase in blood pressure and inflammation as well thus leading to heart problem. You can also see that those who are depressed show little or no interest or care in themselves like they eat less or improper food, do no exercise or maintain no fitness routine, have no care pertaining to their medication etc.
  • Pregnancy is a big game changer for women. There are many things that get impacted during pregnancy and women turn weak post delivery. Incase if you notice even a little increase in your blood pressure or preeclampsia, or gestational diabetes during pregnancy and even if they balance out post delivery, you’re at risk of heart diseases.
  • Lack of enough proper sleep is a big cause of increased chances of heart attacks. Have a sound sleep of atleast 7 hours a day for a healthy living.
  • About half of the heart attacks in women go unnoticed, because their symptoms are unfamiliar. Keep an eye on your bodily symptoms like shortness of breath, back pain, jaw pain, nausea or fatigue, as these are the warning signals for women heart problems.
  • Healthier are those who are fit in their forties. Make sure to put atleast a little of around 30minutes per day are at reduced risk to heart problems.
  • Get rid of all those unhealthy saturated fats to reduce the risk of heart attacks and any others by around 25%.
  • Never ignore those warning symptoms like any inconvenience in chest or back, tingling down of any leg or hand, breathing struggle, highly active heart, jaw pain, severe fatigue feeling, dizziness etc.

These are may be only few of those points that women should know about her heart, they are no way ignorable but instead should be highly given importance. Take care and be with a happy and healthy heart.

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