What to Know about Thyroid Issues

Either to get to know about the symptoms of thyroid problem or various other signs of thyroid issue, it is important to understand what Thyroid problem is actually and what are the various key takeaways regarding the same.

Thyroid disorder is related to the Thyroid gland which appears to be like a butterfly and is located just between the voice box and the collar bones in neck. This Thyroid gland although appears to be small but is responsible for the body metabolism and also in checking the working of the most important parts like brain, heart, liver and many other organs as such. This hormone pumps most vital hormones triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4) and is responsible for the well being of your body from head to .


There are different types of Thyroid diseases as Thyroid nodules, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Goiter, Thyroiditis and Thyroid cancer and the symptoms differ with respect to each type respectively. Most Thyroid disorder types have no symptoms in advance as others.

Determining Thyroid is not that easy from the symptoms of thyroid problem and so be sure that atleast 2 signs of thyroid issue matches that of yours before confirming and proceeding further.

The table below shows the values of the various levels of thyroid tests mentioned separately for different age group people.

Level Premature Babies Children Adults In pregnancy
Noraml TSH 7-26 mIU/L


Birth to 4 days: 1-38 mIu/L

2 to 20 weeks: 1.7 -1 mIU/L

21 weeks to 20 years: 0.7‑63 mIU/L


21‑54 years: 0.4‑2 mIU/L

55‑87 years: 0.5‑9 mIU/L


First trimester: 0.3‑5 mIU/L

Second trimester: 0.3‑6 mIU/L

Third trimester: 0.7‑2 mIU/L


Hypothyroidism: It’s the condition where the responsible Thyroid gland fails to produce enough hormones. Various symptoms of Hypothyroidism include but not limited to dry skin and hair, constipation, forgetfulness, muscle cramps, a rundown feeling, unexplained weight gain, heavier/irregular menstrual flow, mood swings, swelling in the face, heightened sensitivity to cold etc.

Hyperthyroidism: Unlike the Hypothyroidism condition, this Hyperthyroidism condition is excessive production of Thyroid hormones that may lead to health conditions that appear as Irritability, increased perspiration, racing heartbeat, difficulty sleeping, frequent BMs, unexplained weight loss, less frequent and lighter periods, bulging eyes, shaky hands.

Thyroid Nodules: A solid lump or a liquid filled lump is Thyroid nodules problem. Usually Thyroid nodules won’t show up any symptoms.

Goitre: A swelling of the gland below the Adams apple is Goitre. Swelling and cough are some minor noticeable symptoms. Some rare symptoms include throat tightness and difficulty in breathing.

Thyroiditis: It’s the situation of inflammation of the Thyroid gland which initially appears as Hyperthyroidism due to the leakage and later appears to be Hypothyroidism. There may be no symptoms but some may experience excessive sweating, heart intolerance, fatigue, anxiety or nervousness, puffy eyes etc.

Thyroid Cancer: As the name itself explains what it is, a cancer in the Thyroid leads to this stage. There are no symptoms in general, however some will see a lump in the neck.

With almost all the symptoms of thyroid problem along with the signs of thyroid issue discussed in detail, don’t panic if you just see a symptom listed, that may or may not be due to the Thyroid disorder. Stay healthy and be happy!

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