What’s Causing Depression and Anxiety in Teens

Depression and anxiety in teenagers are the very major issues seen in teens which happen when they try to remain strong for a way too long time. These are way serious problems and lead to dangerous results if left unattended and taken prior care and treated. Worry not, for there are good number of signs to identify depression and anxiety.

Although they appear same, teen depression and anxiety are way far different but are interdependent as they appear in certain cases. Anxiety and depression can be understood in simple as; the fear or thought that something bad may happen in future is anxiety whereas assuming only a bad future is depression.

What’s Causing Depression and Anxiety in Teens

With that said about anxiety and depression, here is more detail about the causes, symptoms and treatment for anxiety and depression in young adults is further discussed in detail here.

Causes of anxiety in teenagers

There are common causes of anxiety in teenagers like a physical condition, mental condition, due to drugs intake or a blend of all these. The prior thing to be considered is if the state is because of any mental condition. Few mental conditions that cause anxiety include but not limited to:

  • Panic disorders
  • Generalized anxiety disorder, a state of excessive and exaggerated anxiety
  • Stress disorders
  • Phobic disorders

Causes of depression in young adults:

Depression unlike any other is bit complicated to treat with as it’s not just caused because of some chemical imbalance in brain but also due to any one or a combination of biological, psychological, and social factors. Depression is caused by a very recent event that has impacted you a lot along with a few longer term factors. With all that said, not everything is exactly known about what causes depression in young adults, it can be because of a variety of issues as:

  • Biological chemistry
  • Hormones
  • Inherited traits
  • Early childhood trauma
  • Learned patterns of negative thinking

Signs of anxiety in teens

While being anxious is sometimes good, it’s not safe all the time. Anxiety symptoms vary from person to person when a body turns into alert wandering for the possible danger, activating your fight and flight responses. While most teens are anxious about one thing or the other, some feel it more resulting in anxiety disorders in teens. Some common signs of anxiety in teens include

  • Feeling of anxiousness, worried or afraid of something for no reason.
  • Too much worry about daily activities or events.
  • Frequently checking again and again the righteousness of something that you’ve done.
  • Feeling panicky about certain situations like attending for tests or socializing with friends and as such

Symptoms of Depression in Teen

  • Feeling sad or hopeless
  • Sense of irritability, anger or hostility
  • Frequently crying or tearfulness
  • Pulling out from friends and family
  • Lacking interest in activities
  • Deprived or fallen school performance
  • Changes in sleep and eat habits
  • Feeling restless and disquiet
  • Feeling low, worthless and guilt
  • Loss of enthusiasm, concentration and motivation
  • Feeling fatigue or running low energy, inexplicable aches and pains
  • Lastly and most dangerously death or suicidal thoughts

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