Why are people Moving towards Online Doctor Consultation ?

With the advancement in technology, people are finding an easy means of communication with doctors. For the people living in rural and urban areas, online doctor consultation has become an advantage. In this online doctor consultation, patients can directly chat with the doctor other can ask queries through a video call.  People are seeking more convenience in these days and they trust the internet for all their important functions.

There is a scope for getting personal advice through online doctor consultation.  Irrespective of the place, patients can get professional medical advice within less time. For a bedridden patient who needs doctor consultancy at regular intervals, online consultation could help them in gaining contact to doctors. Online doctor consultation is very helpful for the people who are living in places where there is no chance for doctors to reach.

Privacy plays a key role in the online consultation. People can get professional advice from doctors they have never met. Privacy is the main advantage in online doctor consultation. There are many forums and apps that provide online doctor consultation without any fraud. For example, eVaidya is the leading healthcare portal in India, which is providing health care services.  Apart from the consultation, there is scope for maintaining a digital record for our reports. Patents can provide a complete description of their medical condition and also there is an option for submitting their preceding medical reports.

Online Doc Consult

Online doctor consultation provides many advantages to the patients like:


Online doctor consultancy is very economical. It is very cost- effective for patients who need regular doctor visits. Visiting costs, transport costs and time are the major benefits of online consultation. People can get qualitative medical advice, consultation, treatment and diagnosis under one roof with affordable costs irrespective of the location.


Patients can get the service whenever they wanted and can get a quick response from the doctor. A mobile phone and internet are enough to get a quick medical advice. There is no scope for multi specialty hospitals in rural areas. This online consultation is very helpful for people living in remote areas.


Time is the main concern that many of the patients are complaining about. Through online doctor consultation, patients need not wait for long hours to consult the doctor. There is a facility for booking an online appointment to consult a doctor or to talk with the doctor. Online doctor consultancy is very convenient for patients in terms of cost and time.

The portals which are providing online doctor consultation maintain the high level of confidence in patient’s records. While seeing a doctor face to face, sometimes patients find it difficult to discuss their health issues. In this situation, online consultation provides an option for reporting their problem in complete privacy. This gives a relief for people who need advice for some mental conditions, as the patient records are kept secrecy.

Online medical services are growing across the world very rapidly with many benefits like cost, modality ad geographical cover.

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