Why sitting too much is bad for your health?

Sitting too long is what the modern society has been designed to live like. Individuals are off their feet than never ever before and this sedentary behavior is harming individuals to a lot extent than benefiting increasing the sitting risks. Don’t you think smoking is injurious to health and living, if so, and then similar is the situation with sitting risks.

Risks of sitting too much is considered ridiculous at the first thought. It’s very common and default for every individual to sit in their day to day life while working, socializing, studying or traveling and many other activities as such. It’s evident that over half the person’s life is spent sitting, with office workers spending around whopping 15 hours of time a day sitting, while a farmer working on the field sits only for 3 hours a day.

Why sitting too much is bad for your health

As is a known fact, body with no activity burns very less calories and with that mentioned, even many non-exercise activities like normal walking, standing, even fidgeting burns some calories called non-exercise activity thermogenesis, lack of which is the reason behind weight gain. This is why many soon after turning to an office worker are noticed gaining weight because of sitting too long resulting in no calories burnt.

There are evident studies made on a million people which have proven that people with sedentary behavior are prone to very high risk of early deaths compared to those with active life. People who sit mostly above the limited period are exposed to around 30 diseases with some severe diseases like Type 2 diabetes, heart diseases etc.

Leave the wrong thought that an hour or 2 or more hours of exercise will balance or neutralize the risks of sitting too much for of the day. Being physically active is very beneficial but that said exercise alone completely do the balance. You can never out-exercise a sedentary way of life.

With everything mentioned here is a list of why sitting too much is bad for your health and living:

  • Sick or hurt heart, it’s evident that those sitting too much are prone to high heart risks than the others with same daily habits of diet, exercising, and other lifestyle
  • Fallen life span – habits of long period sitting can lead to short living and the span still decreases for those with not even exercising.
  • No surprise but dementia is more likely to result in due to sitting too long.
  • Diabetes is more seen due to prolonged sitting. With the reasons not unknown clearly but many doctors strongly think that sitting may alter the body reaction to insulin.
  • Long sitting has the very high chances of Deep vein thrombosis which is because of prolonged sedentary life style which if left unchanged will have severe impact.
  • Weight gain is very frequent and beyond limits will make you obese.
  • Spike in anxiety levels
  • High impact on back muscles, neck, and spine. This impact will be worse if a wrong posture is maintained while sitting too much.
  • There are very good chances of blood pooling in legs leading to varicose veins.
  • In case of old who are very inactive and sit for longer duration are proned to osteoporosis and further could worsen resulting in disability in performing atleast those basic tasks.
  • Risk of cancer will go up.

With all that said, say NO to sitting too long to avoid the risks of sitting too much cause either directly or the other way.

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